St. Kilda Radome Replacement


Radome replacement




TRAC engaged to replace 5 storm damaged radomes for the MOD at its site on the island of St Kilda.


TRAC were engaged by QinetiQ to install 5 new GRP radomes at the MOD site on St Kilda. The existing radomes were destroyed in gale force winds recorded in excess of 180mph. The radomes rest on top of buildings and towers at the top of a hill open to the Atlantic Ocean on all sides. The radomes are designed to protect modern, valuable radar equipment while allowing them to function as they should. It was vital that they were replaced as soon as possible.

The Works

The works required IRATA rope access technicians to:

  • Remove what remained of the existing radomes without damaging equipment
  • Survey and prepare the sites to accept new domes
  • Construct the new domes from flatpack at ground level
  • Lift domes by crane and lower position
  • Securely fix down the domes without any damage to the GRP fabric
  • Install new lighting


Works complete on time for MOD trials to start during the summer months and before any damage to exposed radar equipment.