TRAC HLM have a team of competent Operational Managers experienced in a range of works delivery. Many within our teams have 20+ year experience in a range of construction / building maintenance projects including bespoke and high profile public buildings, iconic structures and historic sites.

Many of our Managers maintain operational competencies to ensure they fully understand workscopes and client’s needs in ever evolving sectors. Competencies include relevant University Degrees, NEBOSH, SMSTS and IRATA qualifications.

Our Field staff are IRATA qualified with construction and building maintenance experience. Many are trade qualified, most possess first Aid certificates and all have Health and safety training.

TRAC Managers work closely together ensuring knowledge is shared and all benefit from a close tight-knit team with shared goals.

Lindsay Gillies | Project Director

David McNish | Contracts Manager

Andy Chisholm | Operations Manager

Kevin Shields | Contracts Manager

Here at TRAC HLM we all understand, from the youngest out in the field to the most experienced Manager, that a satisfied happy customer is key. Without that we have nothing

Lindsay Gillies, Project Director


We have a robust and mature HSEQ management system designed to comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.   

Our system is currently certified to ISOs 14001 and 9001 by BSI.  In addition to this our parent company, TRAC International Ltd, is certified to ISO 45001 and we plan to add this standard to our certification in the near future.


Our system is process-based and all processes follow the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle.   

Improvement is fundamental to what we do.  The process is dynamic; each part feeding into the next so we can learn and improve.  Key areas for monitoring and measuring shall be assessed on a continual basis and form part of our management review activities. 

The system is designed to ensure that we carry out works sustainably and without harm to people or the environment. 

In particular, we will:

  • Minimise negative impacts upon the environment wherever possible. 
  • Aim to become more energy and resource efficient and monitor and implement measures to minimise our carbon emissions e.g. by investing in electric vehicles and better technology. 
  • Leave greenbelt and countryside areas as they were found. 
  • Account for climate change adaptation during planning; to ensure resilience and continuity of our services and to provide best support to our clients and carry out carbon monitoring.